Villa Borghese – Rome’s Historical Park

Villa Borghese is the most central park in Rome. With its surface of approximately 80 hectares, is located on the Pincian Hill, overlooking the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo and Via Veneto.

Originally, it was a huge vineyard belonging to the Princes Borghese family, that Cardinal Scipione Borghese converted into gardens in the XVII Century. The park was sold to the City Council in 1901 and opened to the public in 1903.

What To Do In Villa Borghese

This park is very popular, not only among tourists, but also residents of the city. In the morning, there are many people that choose this area for outdoor activities, like running and cycling. In the park there is a bike hiring kiosk.

Children have dedicated playing grounds and a themed movie theatre, one of the smallest in the world. Most of the wide paths in the park are in concrete, therefore accessible for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

Taking a walk in the fresh air, under the park’s secular trees, will relieve you from stress and it’s indicated for people of every age, even if you suffer from health conditions. If, for example, you’ve received an osteoporosis or osteoarthritis diagnosis, you can still access most areas of this park.

Tourism Attractions

Villa Borghese is home to many attractions:

  • The Borghese Museum. A huge collection of paintings and sculptures, with artwork of artists such as Raffaello, Tiziano and Caravaggio.
  • Casina del Lago and Casina Valadier. These historical cafĂ© and restaurant will welcome you with their fine menu and stunning park views.
  • Pincio Terrace. You haven’t been to Rome if you didn’t take a picture from the most famous city’s Belvedere.
  • The Temple of Asclepius. This beautiful little temple is in the middle of a lake. You can hire a boat for a romantic paddle in the calm waters between the trees.