Parks and Plant Care

For anyone who loves to walk around parks, the plant care app is ideal. You can simply download it to your phone and use it while taking a stroll.

What is a Plant Care App?

The plant care app from is straightforward to use. You simply see a plant or flower you like the look of, scan it using the app, and within seconds you will find out what the plant is and how best to care for it. That way, you can determine if you want to get one for your home or garden.

Park Walks

If you are wondering where the best places are for using your plant care app, then almost any park would work; you just need to find somewhere that has plants. If you have a nearby stately home that has gardens open to the public, you can use your app on anything that takes your fancy.

You don’t even need a park (although they will have the best range of exciting flora and fauna). You can also visit your local plant nursery. When you know you need to brighten up your garden with some more beautiful flowering plants, go to your local nursery and use the app to find the best ones for you.

Why is Recommended is also perfect for those who love to have plants and flowers but have a tendency to kill them off prematurely. By using the plant care feature, you will know how much sunlight or shade your plant needs, what soil will help your plant to thrive best and how much you need to water it. Over or under-watering a plant doesn’t necessarily mean the end of it; there may be a way to rescue it if you do make an error. However, is set up so you reduce the risk of making those mistakes.

Everyone Can Be an Expert

When you head out to a park with your friends or family, you can wow them with your knowledge of the plants around you. If you use the plant care app regularly, you will learn so much more about the nature all around you that you are sure to impress with your quick facts about that lovely climbing rose or ground covering fern.

Actually, you may also find that you enjoy going out to parks more when you use the app, such that your health improves too. Taking longer walks because you see a plant in the distance you want to know about, or an unusual flower you have never seen before can increase the number of steps you take in the day, even on a smaller scale; any increase in exercise is a good thing.