Ensuring Maximum Safety by Using a Mask When Visiting a Public Park

Everybody in the world is now being advised to put on a face mask in public places as the bid to curb COVID-19 continues. Here are a few tips on making your mask most effective when in a public park.

What Masks to Use

Face masks are made differently, and each type of mask offers a certain level of protection. People visiting busy public parks are advised to put on either N95 masks or surgical-grade masks. These masks are quite expensive when compared to cloth masks. A basic cloth mask is not as protective against the virus as compared to surgical masks. Renowned companies such as maskzofsweden provide masks you can trust without inflated costs. They even organise the delivery of masks to wherever you are.

How to Wear Masks

People are advised to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and running water before putting on or handling their masks. When putting on the mask, one has to make sure that there is no gap between their face and mask. The mask should cover the nose and mouth. Many of the world’s major parks have tasked people to ensure these guidelines are being followed.

How to Dispose of a Mask

One should not touch the front of the mask when taking it off. People are advised to take off the mask using the elastic tags on it. One should then dispose of the mask properly into one of the closed bins in the park. Most unique parks have containers for different categories of waste. This is to avoid passing the virus to another person through the used mask. It also helps reduce pollution. It is not advisable to take off reusable masks in a public park.