• Sustainability


    New saplings at Peterborough Garden Park

    It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to improve their environmental credentials and Peterborough Garden Park is no exception. With this in mind we are committed to keeping sustainability at the heart of our enterprise
    As part of the design, timber was sourced from sustainable forests, the equivalent of 800 lorry loads of soil was recycled and utilised on site, low energy photo sensitive lighting was incorporated and watering for the feature garden and plants to the garden centre are from grey water harvested from rain water.
    During the development process Peterborough Garden Park commissioned a report from Peterborough Environment City Trust that helped identify environmentally friendly initiatives for the Park. Also a Green Travel Plan, prepared in partnership with Peterborough City Council, will encourage and nurture alternative forms of transport and car sharing by those who work at or visit the Park. 
    The Principal objective of the Green Travel Plan is to provide a long-term strategy which will provide benefits for staff and assist in the promotion of sustainable travel choices by aiming to reduce the dependence on private car travel, particularly single occupancy use, through encouraging walking, cycling, use of public transport and car sharing.  Where possible, the use of sustainable travel modes by customers will also be encouraged. Since the Park's opening, travel patterns have been monitored and benchmarked to quantify the impact of these initiatives.
    Dedicated cycle ways and footpaths from bus stops, provision for cycle storage, as well as on site staff showers are part of ensuring that the Park plays its part in Peterborough’s aspiration to become a truly sustainable city – the UK’s Environment Capital. 
    Peterborough has already achieved a great deal, including one of the highest recycling rates of any unitary authority, one of the highest ratios of green space per person in the country, and the largest cluster of environmental businesses and organisations in the UK. These significant achievements have been accomplished in the 15 years since Peterborough was designated one of four UK Environment Cities.
    Working with our retail partners we will be working hard to make Peterborough a cleaner, greener, healthier and happier place for all residents and visitors.