• Schools

    Part of the ethos at Peterborough Garden Park is to support local school children in their learning and development. An example of this took place in October 2010 when Van Hage horticulturalists, Tizzy Barrett and Caroline Bishop visited Eye Primary School to host an assembly on bulb planting for over 300 children.

    The interactive talk covered safe gardening techniques, bulb planting seasons and brought in poetry as well by who else but William Wordsworth!

    Van Hage also donated six 25kg bags of daffodil bulbs for children to plant in the school grounds later that day.

    Heather Revell, teacher at the school said:
    “Our bulb planting week was a fantastic success. The children and staff managed to plant over 1000 bulbs in the school grounds.

    “We can’t wait for the spring when the daffodils flower - the burst of colour will be amazing!”

    Tizzy, Horticultural Specialist at Van Hage Peterborough echoed her sentiments:

    “We were delighted to be invited to Eye Primary School to hold the assembly. It was so much fun meeting the children and witnessing their enthusiasm for planting.”