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    About The Park

    Van Hage at Peterborough Garden Park

    Peterborough Garden Park was conceived to meet the needs of a growing number of people interested in gardening and outdoor activities. This innovative retail and leisure destination combines the attributes of a traditional garden centre and an accessible retail scheme, with a mix of lifestyle retailers. There is something for everyone.
    The defining architecture of the project is in the dramatic main garden centre building which has taken its influence from glass houses such as those at Kew and Wisley and features a ‘Crystal Palace’ glass atrium.
    Peterborough Garden Park is the premier garden centre in the UK offering a retail and leisure experience all year round. Set against a backdrop of generous landscaping, this is a special place to visit with something for everyone, providing a day out for the whole family and a major new retail destination and meeting spot for the Greater Peterborough area.
    As part of the Park’s strive for excellence a programme of engagement and support for those in the community that surrounds it has been established. In forming a strategy to offer leadership and support to the local community, the priorities have been informed by the strategic priorities of Peterborough City Council.
    Peterborough is a growing city, but the City’s strategy for growth is not for growth's sake, but to create a more dynamic city – a better city for those who live there and visit it, and Peterborough Garden Park wants to ensure it plays its part in achieving that.
    These initiatives are designed to ensure that the Park makes a positive impact on the lives of those who live nearby and who work and visit the Park and also makes a helpful contribution to the work of the City’s Councillors and Officers, and to those working in other agencies who are also striving for the good of the City.
    Come and enjoy all the special things the Park has to offer: Van Hage’s ‘Crystal Palace’ garden retail experience, a wide range of complementary shops, three cafes, outdoor seating, display gardens, Wisdom Wood the Children’s Tile Project – a celebration of local children – also tranquil places to sit and ponder. And for the younger ones , the Children’s Play Area and Pirate Playboat set against the backdrop of colourful panels painted by young local artists. We hope you have a great day out!